The India Series #12: Goa

Featured Image: Arambol beach, Source: Thrillophilia

Well I don’t feel so good about “advertising” about The India Series to people, but I do want hundreds of people to read it, and so I have to. I try to tell about it whenever I meet new people, and so far I have got numerous positive feedbacks. I just want to keep up the good work, and it would be very nice if you pass on the information to your friends and family.

After Delhi, we are heading towards State #6: Goa, India’s quintessential party destination, and the dream vacation of every college-goer in the country. It lies in the south-western coast of India with over 50 beautiful beaches visited by tourists from all over the world. Its capital is Panaji, and the official languages are Konkani and Marathi.





Malayalam alphabet for Konkani, Source:

  • Konkani is written in multiple scripts  –  Devanagari, Roman, Kannada, Malayalam and Perso-Arabic.
  • The language developed different forms as the locals fled to different states and provinces when the Portuguese tried to ban Konkani and force their culture and language upon them, during their colonisation in the 16th century.



  • Goa has many traditional folk dances, some which are Mando, Ghode Modni, Dekhani, Dhangar, Mussal Khel and Kunbi. Here’s a cheerful Dekhani dance performance:
  • Seashell artworks are very popular in this state.

seashellSeashell artwork from Goa, Source: Tour2Goa

  • The exclusive festivals of Goa apart from the usual national ones are Shigmo Festival, Kalas Utsav, Novidade, Jatra of Shri Shanta Durga, Bonderam Festival and the Goa Carnival.

gal-img-lg-1Ghode Modni dance at Shigmo festival, Source:

  • The Sunburn Festival which is held every year is India’s biggest Electronic Dance Music festival and used to be held in Goa, but has recently been shifted to Pune in Maharashtra.

david-guetta-660x330David Guetta at Goa Sunburn Festival 2015, Source: Navhind Times


Have a look at this list of 8 cultural things to do in Goa.


  • Some of the main ingredients are rice, seafood, coconut, vegetables, meat, pork and local spices.
  • Few among the most well-known nonvegetarian dishes are Pork Vindaloo, Rawa Fried Fish, Chicken Cafreal, and Shark Ambot Tik.

recipe-goan-rawa-fried-fish-1024x1024Goan Rawa Fried Fish, Source: Foodie&Fabulous

  • Some of the interesting desserts are Bebinca, Goan Nevri, Kulkul, Chana Doce and Belinha. Learn how to make a Bebinca cake in two-and-a-half minutes:
  • While in Goa, don’t forget to taste some local drinks like King’s Black Label Premium pilsner beer, Goan feni, DesmondJi Tequila, and Big Banyan wine.

feniGoan Feni, Source:


Why not go through a list of Top 10 Goan recipes here?


  • The attire of men and women in Goa is highly influenced by Portuguese culture, so while some women traditionally wear sarees (like Nau-Vari sarees that we saw in case of Daman and Diu), the Catholics wear dresses and gowns.

lcvm5dgchjjsiThe Goan-style wedding of Bollywood actress and Miss Universe Lara Dutta with tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi in 2011, Source:

  • There is another traditional costume for females called ‘Pano Bhaju’.


  • Leander Paes: Tennis player who won eight doubles and ten mixed doubles in Grand Slam
  • António Costa: The Prime Minister of Portugal is of Goan descent
  • Leo Pinto: Indian field hockey goalkeeper whose team won the gold medal in 1948 Summer Olympics in London

1948bThe Gold Medal winning team of 1948 (with Leo Pinto sitting at the front, second from right), Source:

  • Chris Perry: He was called the King of Goan Music and is famous for having introduced Jazz in Goan Music


  • Goa is the smallest state of India.
  • It used to be a part of Portuguese colonisation at the same time as Daman and Diu. In fact, Daman and Diu used to be a part of Goa before it got separated.
  • Goan people can apply for Portuguese passports.
  • There is a Naval Aviation Museum that contains exhibits that showcase the evolution of the Indian Naval Air Arm over decades, in Vasco Da Gama, Goa. It is one of a kind in the whole of Asia.

3_naval-aviation-museumNaval Aviation Museum, Source: MakeMyTrip

  • Goa has unique two-wheeler taxis called motorcycle pilots.

pilot1-660x330Motorcycle pilots, Source:

  • Deltin Royale in Goa is Asia’s largest floating casino.

17_galleryDeltin Royale, Source: Deltin

  • The body of St. Francis Xavier lies in the Basilica of Bom Jesus Church since 1553.
  • Goa has a forest cover of over 30% with over 275 species of birds and 40 species of animals and reptiles.

dr-salim-ali-bird-sanctuary-head-304Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Source: Tourism of India

  • Goa has the highest per capita income in India.
  • There are over 7000 licensed bars in Goa.

The Culture Trip provides a list of ten best bars to grab a drink in Goa.


Here’s a four-minute timelapse video of Goa, because anything less than that is simply not acceptable:


Next stop: Gujarat

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