The Do-Good List: Adding your drops to the ocean

Unlike my usual articles, this one is a little different, in the sense that I will be asking for certain inputs from my readers in addition to making an earnest attempt in driving home a message, which I do every time. This post comes from few weeks of serious contemplation about something very specific – What is the best way to celebrate life (by which I refer to human existence in general)? Do we realise how fortunate we are to be chosen by Nature to thrive on this beautiful planet? Even more, do we really acknowledge the greatness of our bodies and minds, that are so intricately designed, and are we doing enough to show how grateful we are to have everything that we have?

The happier group would say yes: we eat to our satisfaction, we have a healthy social life, we are performing reasonably well at the workplace. The less content section of people would come up with some complaints: existing wasn’t our choice, but surviving is, and working hard to achieve that goal isn’t always easy-peasy. I would agree with both to some extent. While it is of course very important to admit that being able to wake upΒ  and feel our breath and our heart beating should be the most satisfying feeling every morning, it is even more pragmatic to acknowledge that keeping that switch on isn’t the easiest of tasks. We strive everyday to keep ourselves functioning – mentally, physically, intellectually. And ironically, or cynically on my part (I would like to apologise in advance for that), we all know that one fine day we wouldn’t need to do this any more, because every breath we take is only drawing us near to our end.

Well if I did sound sadistic enough with that sentence above, I would like to say in my defence that I didn’t mean to be pessimistic. On the contrary, I want you to feel and understand something very positive right now: human life, no matter how small it is, isn’t meant to be futile. I refuse to believe that the reason why the Earth was born and made just optimum for life to exist, or particularly the reason why the human race underwent a very complicated evolutionary process to be the most intelligent life-form, was just to fend for themselves selfishly on their journey towards an impending mass extinction. We are special, and it is important that we make the world we live in, a beautiful place.

So coming to the original question: the best way to celebrate life would be to love. Yes, that’s my answer. As simple as it may sound, the connotations are manifold. What I mean by loving is to incorporate and spread goodness in our lives. No matter where we are from, or what we do for a living, we all crave affection and compassion. And it only makes sense if we give some of it back out into the world. If each of the seven billion humans on this planet would put out some little gestures of love and kindness to someone at least once a day, I don’t see how life would not be worth celebrating.

There might be a few thousand people (even more, but I am trying to be optimistic here) right now waiting for someone to talk to. There might be innumerable animals waiting to be taken care of, and even more seeds waiting to be planted.Β  We all have responsibilities towards those who need us, even if we aren’t friends with them, even if they are not family. We have a responsibility towards our Earth as a whole, and the only way we can perform it is through togetherness.

More specifically, we need to get into the habit of doing small, apparently insignificant things on a daily basis, that would eventually magnify and make our immediate as well as global surroundings a much better place. We can all set goals for ourselves as per our capability, so that unrealistic ambitions do not bog us down in the very beginning. It is meant to be a practical approach coated with the essentials of sentiments that resonate with our sense of oneness with the planet we call our home, and the living world in general.

Nothing too hard. Some examples:

Day 1: Share a tea with the neighbour you don’t really get along well with.

Day 2: Invite the neighbour to plant a sapling in your garden, and do it in their garden the next time.

Day 3:Β Make a vow to segregate recyclable and non-recyclable waste everyday from now on.

Day 4: Leave a candy bar for the boy who delivers you newspaper every morning.

Day 5 and 6 (Two days because you know how many clothes you have, despite the fact that your wardrobe disappoints you everyday): Isolate the clothes you don’t wear anymore and donate them to those who might need them.

Day 7: Make a bird-bath in your backyard, so that those little birdies don’t get dehydrated.

And so on and so forth…

You have full freedom to make your own “Do-Good” list, and I would appreciate if you share it in the comments, and update as well if you have followed them, in order to motivate the rest of us. Most importantly, if you agree with my propositions, I want your ideas for implementing them on a medium to large scale by involving more and more people. You could help me by spreading the word, and/or advising me how to concretise this into a long-term endeavour through social media or similar.

As I said, it’s all about showing some goodness and kindness, something that costs very little or nothing (or something if you are rich enough, just go ahead).

Please comment, and enlighten !


16 thoughts on “The Do-Good List: Adding your drops to the ocean

  1. One more entry from my side is: Just sit quietly and getting conscious about every single bit of the surrounding.
    sometimes it feels that the sounds of the vehicles outside are not unpleasant anymore. They’re giving some sense of music(some tune). The way your roommate is breathing while her sleep, just next to you, gives a kind of periodic musical sound. There are numerous things out there to notice by just sitting quietly and harmoniously!
    P.S. Indeed, as you said, the best way to celebrate the life would be to love, to laugh and to live(love or enjoy) the present!

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  2. Nice to see you think about spreading happiness. I have another idea which I try to see. I take my little son out on trips to teach him about nature and make sure he understands that we live in a priveleged world. We started off by buying food and distributing it to people who may not be able to afford a meal. I have spoken about that experience here

    A small way to make travel more meaningful for kids to understand the world we live in.

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  3. A guy I went to school with has cancer and needed money. I don’t know him well, but he needs it and I donated it. That was mine for today. Each day, some act reveals itself and I embrace it. Maybe even just smiling at each person who crosses your path. Smiles do tons of wondrous things to the heart of the receiver and the giver:)

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  4. There is so much negativity in the world these days. I try to not add to it. I started blogging recently to share the beauty I see in the world. All of your idea are wonderful! Thank you for trying to make a difference.

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