We lay on the grass, underneath the stars.

He turned to me and winked,

“What if all of these had planets like ours?

And all these planets had people?

What if we could travel freely through space?

And no one anywhere was evil?

Do you still think we’d be like this,

Lying here like we were meant to be?

Would you still find me among the zillions,

And love me till eternity?

Would you take my hand as you do right now,

Even if you were free to choose just any?

If there were no rules as to where you could go,

Would you still come to me among many?

Would you scout the Universe in search of me,

Or would you find a match right where you are?

Would you live forever not knowing that I exist,

Or would you hope that I weren’t far?”

I laughed out loud and kissed his cheek,

And gazed back upon the Perseus.

“I’d save myself the hunt dear,

I’d rather not make a fuss.

If I were to go looking for you,

I’d always end up wrong.

Love comes to you when it is meant to,

Even if it takes very long.

I’d stay right here, and you’d come to me

Even from an Earth light years away.

Or it could be the other way round,

Or we’d simply meet half way.

But we’d know soon enough

How things are supposed to be

For nothing evades the very moment

When we’re to yield to destiny.

We were born to be right here right now

Under these stars so clear

Even if there were a million universes,

We’d still be as we are.”


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