This is a poem about the torture we are subjecting Nature to, in order to satisfy our own selfish demands, not realising that it is what will cause our own extinction eventually. Mother Nature speaks to humans, and warns them once again about the danger they are causing themselves.

I open my eyes and feel the weight

My head won’t lift and my limbs won’t move

Is this the end?

Have I surrendered to my fate?

But I won’t perish so easily my friend,

Life is weak, but fights till the end.

My joints give away to the pain you crushed me with,

My lungs still flutter like a fish trying to breathe.

My blood gushes out like I am an open wound,

My heart thuds against my ribs like a fierce hound.

You might have cut me into a hundred pieces

But my eyes still see your petty demands,

As I laugh at your mortal wishes.

Death becomes me, and I become death,

I make you pray on your knees, and unleash my wrath.

But you wouldn’t budge

You wouldn’t wake up from your dreams,

Understand that I am your sole provider

Not the subject of your whims.

You can torture and exploit me to the core,

Despite the warnings, mournings and more.

But you must know that I’m a revenant,

I’ll rise from my ashes, while you can’t.


22 thoughts on “Alive

  1. The earth is so strong and yet fragile. I like the way you have captured that in your poem. A reminder that we share life with a living, breathing world, not just a rock.


  2. We are so disconnected from nature nowadays its just gonna bring more harm than good. A good poem never the less.


  3. Beautiful poem. We must realise our duties towards the Mother Nature. After all, only we have to face the repercussions.


  4. Cool poem, got me thinking and all deep feeling. It’s true, so many people treat the earth like nothing, if everyone really thought about “Mother Earth” and treated it like you would your own mother, what a better place it would be. Thanks for sharing.


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