There’s nothing much I can vouch for

Except the endless abyss

That pervades my being.

For better or for worse,

I have learnt to live with it.

This blankness is a part of me now –

Islands of nothingness

Surrounded by all that is known.

No tinge of emotions,

No taste of tears

That might give sense to these voids.

The world does not know

What these islands entail,

The happy eyes can’t see

The fiend behind this mask,

Who toils day and night

To gather contrived appreciations:

Who knows they are preposterous,

But seeks them nonetheless,

Since home is beyond reach,

Somewhere in the depths of this emptiness.


4 thoughts on “Voids

  1. It’s a good piece, but a few words need to be mentioned. I personally am not a big fan of non-rhyming poetry. You could do better pieces with rhyming poetry instead of thestyle you used. This poem has many beautiful facets and layers to it, but I feel left on a low without a majestic high you could have reached with just a little bit more rhyming. With the proper rhyming, a poem can be made to feel like a flowing river instead of the reader just stumbling upon random words. Hope you appreciate my criticism. It’s just my humble opinion! 😊 Keep up the good work! You’ve got skill. Showcase it with intelligence! 😊


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