The Alibi

Here I sit in the middle of nowhere,

Groping in the dark for consolation.

But nobody seems to turn up,

And nothing comes out of the dark,

No train halting at my deserted station.

Looking back at that fatal moment-

The day my sin became a sensation,

I went and crossed the lines of humanity,

To act as if questioning my sanity,

Leading to this lifelong frustration.

Will He punish me for my wrongdoing?

Or am I in the process of resurrection?

The days have passed like endless nights,

When the sun rose I never realized;

No ray of solace causing an intersection.

I have peeped into my self a hundred times

And saw the devil combating my conscience.

The battle lies undecided till date,

Whether it’s my fault or of my fate.

Just wondering how long will be this abstinence.

Am I subject to judgment at all?

Do I stand a chance in emerging innocent?

Day and night I whine and cry,

Desperately searching for an alibi,

While my world keeps going translucent.

I have done away with sanguineness,

Life is now death’s counterpart,

Dying every second as I try to relive..

My angels and demons forever juxtaposed

Till Apocalypse does them apart.


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