Utopia 2017

Another trip around the sun, another “new year”.

What do you think is going to be new this year? A better educational system? Better economy? More compassion? More freedom? We are yet to find out. Till then, why not give ourselves the pleasure of creating a world in our mind, that we all want to live in, either secretly or as a proud exhibitionist?

In MY Utopian world of 2017, I would like so many things to be different – I can visualise every person in the world having enough food to eat and a roof above their heads, I imagine absurdly rich people giving away to absurdly poor people, I want proper education for every child in my country, I wish everyone in the world has the freedom to choose their partners regardless of any boundaries. There are countless things I wish this new year would give us, but I know it won’t. We will sail through another 365 days, and not much would change. But hope keeps us going.

It is good to see that throughout the years, things have looked up pretty significantly. People now are ready to fight for their rights, even if they do not succeed finally. But I wish life was simpler, and one could express oneself more openly without the fear of being judged. It would be great to be able to tell the world that you have chosen someone to spend your life with, without being ridiculed, hated or even getting killed. It would be the greatest achievement of your life to choose the career of your choice without being looked upon by neighbours and relatives, who otherwise don’t know shit about you. It would be really cool to be able to wear what you want, eat what you like, and make friends of your choice. It would be awesome to adopt a pet and a kid from the street who would bond really fast as you go out for work. The simpler these things sound, the harder they are to implement. And the reason is even simpler. Society.

There is this construction around us – these walls – that strictly define our boundaries, what we are and are not supposed to do. They determine our likes and dislikes on our behalf, they decide what upholds our family’s reputation and what breaks it into pieces. They strangle our dreams and put them into tiny little boxes, and tell us that we are not supposed to stand apart from the crowd. They bind us with age-old traditions and forbid us from evolving. But didn’t the Homo sapiens form societies so that they might be able to move forward?

This new year, may “individual freedom” be with you. That is the Force we are asking for.

Happy New Year!


6 thoughts on “Utopia 2017

  1. Hoping for better educational system and economy will be wishful thinking…I tend to narrow things down myself and immediate environment…trainings for personal growth, better spending habitso, healthy choices…those are realistic and achievable

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  2. Very touching article! You are SO right! We grow up and they tell us all the time what we should do and what to believe in and they suppress our need to be different and make a good change in the world!
    Keep up writing!


  3. Today is National children’s Day and what I’d like most is a world I can be proud of leaving to my kids. One where they are respected and valued, safe and protected, free and happy.


  4. Well, mutual thoughts, we certainly have a lot to give back to this planet for future generations. I believe, if we can’t think of the world we want to be in, we will never be able to make one”, so think about a world and lets do whatever we can to save it 🙂


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