Pause… and Resume

I woke up this morning, and it suddenly struck me that I haven’t posted in my blog for over a year. I felt more surprised than guilty at first. Was it that no substantial thoughts had crossed my mind for a whole year? Well, that being an excuse absurd enough to be brushed aside, I realised that it was nothing but lethargy. I have been so very satisfied with my little (and not so little) Facebook posts that managed to summarise the messages I intended to convey, and the perfect volley of likes and comments easily made my day.

I wouldn’t deny that writing an influential Facebook post and getting appreciated is quite an enriching experience, but for someone who loves writing, there must never be an end to the road. To a person like me for whom writing a two page essay at school seemed to be more rewarding than any other exercise, it is actually sad that words have to find their way out with difficulty rather than flowing unabashedly.

But don’t get me wrong just now. This post is not about blabbering about my long-lost literary skills, or an uninteresting account of repentance. It is for everyone out there who wants to rediscover their passion for writing or maybe even ignite the author within themselves for the very first time.

I know many people, including myself, who love reading. It is such an ecstasy to spend hours finishing a book you picked up, and the feeling afterwards is priceless. But what if you could make words flow out of your heart, mind, soul and hands, as well? What if someone actually reads your work patiently, and applauds you like they applaud a well-written book? Well, yes, none of us are born novelists, and neither am I asking anyone to come up with a book overnight. It is unimaginable what amount of perseverance and dedication an author puts into each one of his or her book. The point is, JUST WRITE!

Write a journal, or a blog, or an article, or simply a letter to a loved one. Even if you don’t find something ‘cool’ enough to put down, just start with something and see the magic. And yeah you got me, that’s exactly what I am doing right now !

This generation needs to understand the importance of writing more than any other – not only because they need to develop their vocabulary, learn to express themselves better, and also avoid using disgraceful Internet lingo, but also because hardly a fraction of today’s youth have any idea whatsoever about the joy that is brought with the ability to express themselves with the proper language and fluency. It’s not so hard after all. Look at me – one early morning epiphany, and here I am again!


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