The Commencement

Writing a blog has never been my cup of tea, though I have always looked forward to letting out my pent-up thoughts for people who might be interested to read them. So this being my first blog ever, I’m not actually going to pour out everything at once. As an introduction to my upcoming blogs (which might not be too frequent, but hopefully will be worth the wait), I would like to say that they might be about anything under the sun, from literature to movies, to science, social issues, personal opinions, and anything I would like to extend beyond Facebook statuses of few lines. That’s what blogs are supposed to be, right? You have this whole space for exercising freedom of speech, or maybe even blabbering, when you don’t have anybody to irritate in person. And frankly, I don’t expect many people to read my stuff, but who knows?

So here I am 🙂 Learn to put up with me.


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